Is in jiangsu electric power equipment co., LTD was founded in November 2017, is a professional engaged in power transformer, box-type substation, high and low voltage switchgear and related products manufacturing, research and development, product sales for the integration of modern enterprises, the company is located in pizhou, jiangsu province economic development zone.

Company covers an area of nearly 100 mu, a registered capital of 60 million yuan, existing staff 80 people, nearly 10 engineers, companies with domestic advanced technology, production and testing equipment, in accordance with the ISO9000 quality certification system of operational standards, using computer aided design, provide for the customer in line with the regional characteristics of the high grade product of environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon, in order to meet the market and the basic requirement to different customers.

The company has a factory area of more than 15,000 square meters, 20 winding machines, 5 foil winding machines, 4 dryers, 2 vacuum pouring tanks, and more than 20 sets of other production and inspection equipment. More than ten sets of high precision end nc bending machine, nc shearing machine, bus processing machine, laser cutting machine, etc. First-class software and hardware facilities, for the company to build a high-quality goods laid the foundation.

At present, the company produces S11 and S13 series 10KV, 20KV and 35KV oil-immersed transformers. SCB10, SCB13 series 10KV, 20KV and 35KV epoxy castable dry type power transformers; SH15, SCBH15 amorphous alloy power transformer; High and low voltage complete sets of products including YB preloaded substation, ZGS combined substation, KYN61-40.5, KYN1-12, KYN28A - 12, HXGN, GG - A type of high voltage series, GGD, MNS, GCK, GCS, XL, frequency conversion power distribution cabinet and electrical automation equipment and so on more than ten series more than 20 varieties. The products passed the quality inspection of the national transformer quality supervision and inspection center and the national medium and low voltage transmission and distribution equipment quality supervision and inspection center respectively, and obtained the registration certificate of the registered model.

At the beginning of its establishment, the company has started selling the product market, and obtain customer good reputation, company has perfect marketing network and service network, and will further expand domestic and international markets, the company introduced "housekeeper type service", the products of the company for one year free replacement, three years with good quality, life-long warranty service policy, actively provide warm and thoughtful service, timely improve product utilization value and premium services.


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