▲Company vision: to become a first-class enterprise in the industry

▲Company spirit: pursue excellence, cast quality

▲Company tenet: quality makes the brand, integrity wins the market

Quality makes the brand

Quality is the cornerstone of brand value. Brand represents the product quality and service quality, and reflect the technical strength and culture of enterprise, in the process of realizing enterprise strategic development, the company expand innovation, improve quality, casting industry first-class brand.

Integrity wins the market

Corporate integrity is image. Corporate image is the crystallization of corporate culture integration, as well as the reputation and brand of enterprises participating in market competition. The company will be in shaping the corporate image, through the enterprise a first-class science and technology, and strengthening management to enterprise's credit quality and win customers, greatly improve the product market share, won a wider market.

▲Company management philosophy: lean, scientific and innovative

▲Company's hiring philosophy: competent, average, mediocre


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