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The central view of people seeking -- "ability doctrine" rather than "education doctrine"

The capable and responsible employees are excellent employees, and the capable and irresponsible employees are unqualified employees.

Center view on human resources -- "fit for post"

The post is fit for his ability, and the man is fit for his position. Each position chooses the most suitable person, each person can find the most suitable position in the center.

The concept of central education -- "character builds the foundation, ability becomes the tool"

Character is the prerequisite for measuring talents. The deeper the character cultivation, the higher the ability training and development. In the center of human resource development, character and ability are valuable resources.

Central view on jin people -- "performance plus potential, character plus talent"

Outstanding performance is the basis for promotion, and the development potential of individuals relative to future positions is also necessary. No promotion without performance; There is no potential for development and no promotion, which is consistent with the center's "view of people". At the same time, character and talent are also necessary for the promotion of talents.

Central retention view -- "career retention, treatment retention, emotional retention"

Value the individual value of employees. Let everyone at the same time of work for the center, personal career achievement, improve material life, to build an emotional family, warmth to everyone at home under the infection of care about each other, support each other and improve together.

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