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GGD low-voltage switchgear is a GGD type ac low-voltage distribution cabinet, which is used to fix and connect low-voltage distribution cabinet. It is divided into three types, GGD1, GGD2 and GGD3, with different segmented current capacity. Used in power plants, substations, industrial enterprises and other power users, as ac 50 to 60 hz, rated current 3150 a power distribution system, as power, lighting and electrical energy conversion, distribution and control of power distribution unit.

The product has the characteristics of good dynamic and thermal stability, novel structure, reasonable structure, practical electrical scheme, strong seriality of use and high level of protection. It can be used as a replacement product.

Conditions of use

1. Ambient temperature is not higher than + 40 ℃, no less than 5 ℃.

2. When the product is installed and used, the altitude of the use site shall not exceed 2000M.

3. The surrounding air relative humidity is not more than 90% (+ 25 ℃).

4. The equipment shall be installed where there is no severe vibration and impact, and where there is insufficient corrosion of electrical components.

5. The surrounding air relative humidity no more than 5% when the highest temperature 40 degrees, at low temperature are allowed a larger relative humidity, should be considered due to the changes of degree of condensation of influence may be accidental

6. The equipment is installed where there is no severe vibration and impact, and where there is insufficient corrosion of electrical components

7. The customer may negotiate with the manufacturer for special requirements

Structural characteristics of

1. By use, it can be divided into: receiving cabinet, bus contact cabinet, feeder cabinet, motor control cabinet, reactive power compensation cabinet, lighting distribution cabinet.

2. Cabinet structure:

(1) the cabinet frame is fabricated by local welding of 8MF cold bending steel, and there are mounting holes arranged by the modules E=20mm and E=100mm respectively on the frame to improve the universality of product assembly.

(2) the ZMJ bus, which is formed with high flame retardant PPO material and thermoplastic, is made of building block combination structure, high mechanical strength and high insulation.

(3) 1000 mm and 1000 mm wide front of the ark, symmetrical two-door structure, 600 mm and 800 mm wide tank structure of the whole door, cabinet put oneself in another's position behind the symmetric two-door cabinet put oneself in another's position structure for wide wall installation structure.

(4) the cabinet door is easy to be connected, installed and disassembled with galvanized revolving hinge, and the folding edge of the door has rubber inserts.

(5) a complete grounding protection circuit shall be constructed between the installation parts in the cabinet and the frame with ground knurling screw structure.

(6) the top cover of the cabinet body can be removed when needed to facilitate the assembly and adjustment of the main bus.



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