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Product name:XL variable frequency distribution cabinet

Update time:2018-6-8 16:06:44


XL series of low-voltage electric box (cabinet) used in power plants and industrial and mining enterprises, in the add 50 hz500 (v) in the three-phase system for power distribution, the box (tank) is indoor unit, relying on a wall installation screen before maintenance.


This power distribution box (cabinet) is closed, the shell with bent steel plate welded together, electrical installation column is on the left and right side wall welding in the oven, knife switch operating handle outfit in front of the box on the right side, for the use of switching power supply, can be installed on the door is voltmeter and ammeter lamp and operation button, open the door, can repair the equipment in the cabinet, the equipment in the cabinet adopts frame structure installation, flexible installation is compact, convenient maintenance.

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