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Product name:20 kv - S11 transformer

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Full seal type distribution transformer core, were developed in recent years a new generation of low noise, low loss type transformer, its core without seams, reduce no-load loss and no-load current, reduce no-load current 60% ~ 80%, high and low voltage coil on the core column continuous winding, winding tight, good concentricity, more to enhance the security performance of the product. Noise drops by more than 10 decibels. The temperature goes down by 16-20k. Due to the continuous winding of the iron core (the cross section is a pure circle), the orientation of silicon steel sheet is fully utilized, and the no-load loss is reduced by 20%~30%.

The performance characteristics of

Compared with S9 transformers, S11 transformers have an average no-load loss reduction of about 30%

The low-voltage winding with a capacity of 630~2500kVA shell is of cylindrical or spiral structure, with high mechanical strength, balanced ampere turns distribution and good short circuit resistance

Body for positioning structure, do not produce displacement in the process of transportation, at the same time all fasteners with fastening nut, ensure that the product in the long run fasteners loose, not in the process of satisfying the requirements of lift not core

The corrugated oil tank is adopted for the transformer, and the oil storage tank is cancelled. The case cover and the box are completely welded or bolted, thus extending the service life of the transformer oil

The surface of the product can be sprayed with primer and topcoat after oil removal, rust removal and phosphating treatment, which can meet the special requirements of metallurgy, petrochemical system and wet and dirty area

The selected components adopt fully sealed transformer oil tank and install pressure relief valve, signal thermometer and gas relay according to the standard requirements to ensure the safe operation of transformer. This series of products is beautiful in appearance, small in volume, can reduce the installation area, is an ideal quality product without maintenance.

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