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It's summer time to "wash" your transformer cooling equipment.
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Transformer when working temperature is rising continuously, for transformer temperature rise will be continuously to reduce temperature, otherwise the transformer is hard work, is very likely a fire, for transformer temperature is cooling, the transformer is a cool the parts and equipment, but because it is in the summer when the temperature of the transformer is high, the environment temperature is higher, so we need to transformer cooling facilities to "bath", used for lower the temperature of the itself, so is to prevent the transformer cooling equipment in high temperature, The cooling effect is not ideal, so the cooling effect on the transformer itself is not good. For transformers, how to "bathe" the transformer's cooling equipment in summer?

Many parts of the country are beginning to enter the hot summer season. Then the transformer passed the frost ice of winter, the cold of spring, ushered in the summer of fire. After the baptism of the season, the transformer also needs a collective "bath", to be cleaned once. On the one hand, when summer comes, the load of electricity increases rapidly. The second reason is that the transformer radiator accumulates a lot of dust and debris in the normal operation, which makes the cooling effect have a lot of influence and threatens the safety of the power grid. The third is the overall temperature rise, how to conduct cooling and lowering treatment on the transformer. This is the maintenance of the transformer. In China, most of the substations are maintained and maintained to counter the arrival of summer. The main purpose is to clean up the radiator, provide cooling effect and protect the safety of transformers.

Transformer is the need for cooling in the summer, it's a lot of heat is hard to send out, even the heat transformer cooling system are compared, for transformer cooling equipment "bath" can more effectively improve the cooling speed, to ensure that the cooling effect, prevent problems.

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