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The distance between transformers is more appropriate
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We know the transformer manufacturer is the main place to production of transformer, the transformer is made by the electromagnetic induction principle to carry on the design and processing, the transformer is constantly spread outward for firing of the induced current signal. Transformer also depend on passing between the perception of the induced current, because of the induced current is a current, long-term spread word also has certain harm, should keep a distance, so said cannot make so close to the distance of the transformer, also cannot make a next to a densely packed together, the possibility of fire and explosion is relatively large, the situation is bad, so it is more terrible. So what is the distance between the different transformers?

Gb50053-201x design specification for 10kV and below substations (submission for approval)

1. When multiple dry transformers are arranged in the same room, the net distance between the transformer protective case should not be less than the provisions in table 4.2.5 and figure 4.2.5.

Minimum net distance (m) between protective shells of multiple dry transformers:

2. The non-enclosed dry-type transformer installed in the substation shall be installed with fixed block at a height of not less than 1.7m, and the screen hole shall not be more than 40mmX40mm. The net distance between the outer profile and the shield of the transformer should not be less than 0.6m, and the net distance between the transformer should not be less than 1.0m.

This distance is not set by everyone, nor is it set by the manufacturer. It is set consciously by the state according to the form and structure of the standard. It 'seems that transformers are becoming more and more standardized as they develop.

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