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Management and maintenance of transformers and normal operation of enterprises
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We all know: the management of the transformer, the maintenance work is closely related with the normal operation of enterprises, so the relevant departments should strengthen the management of the transformer, maintenance, to ensure the implementation of the maintenance work is time can have enough material base, promote the rapid development of the enterprise production. At the same time maintain the quality of the work is to ensure the important link in enterprise operation, but the repair work still exists many problems of process, check not careful choice of materials, in order to promote the improvement of the maintenance work, from strengthening the management of the maintenance personnel, maintenance personnel for training and improving maintenance procedures for change, and to find out the solution according to the present situation, make the maintenance work to achieve the rational and scientific, clear objectives, so as to promote the improvement of the maintenance process, to normal operation of the transformer.

Strengthen the regular maintenance of the transformer

The reliability of all equipment in use is affected not only by the level of manufacture and design, but also by the maintenance and operation personnel. It can also indicate whether the machine can run normally, which is closely related to the maintenance work. The purpose of maintaining the equipment is to maintain the good working condition of the machine, so as to avoid unforeseeable accidents. Maintenance work is also involved in the operation of the transformer, including repair and maintenance of the two links, but in the practical work often because of certain aspects of the staff negligence, causes the transformer fault cannot solve in time, so only to strengthen the regular maintenance of transformer, transformer can run smoothly.

Divide and implement the responsibility system

In order to maintain the transformer run smoothly, and want to check the equipment, maintenance, operation and so on post responsibility system, correctly divide the operation content of each device, analyzes the equipment failure to review, if damage caused because of improper maintenance, artificial operation, should give reasonable punishment is responsible for personnel, according to the actual situation to promote business operation specification. Also can be the implementation of performance appraisal for the operator of the equipment running status, the production is in a stable condition, inspection, maintenance personnel reasonable rewards, improve the initiative and enthusiasm of a responsible officer. The improvement of maintenance is not only need the support of the enterprise, more in need of maintenance staff consciously self-improvement, enterprises can be held by work, encourage employees to improve self cultivation, and set up award from the internal and external change maintenance personnel's quality, improve the level of maintenance personnel, ensure the quality of the maintenance works.

Strengthen the training of maintenance personnel

The operation state of transformer is not only closely related to the business skills of inspectors, but also affected by the business ability of responsible personnel. So enterprises should further strengthen inspection personnel, maintenance personnel, operation personnel education training work, through publicity and education on a regular basis, the method of train maintenance personnel sense of responsibility and sense of responsibility, ability to consciously take the initiative to improve their service, so as to promote the development of maintenance work. The improvement of maintenance level also changes from the refinement of maintenance work, the improvement of maintenance technology, the refinement of personnel management and other aspects. At the same time, the maintenance staff are encouraged to pass their own cultural knowledge, technical ability, maintenance level, maintenance experience and personal quality. Electrical maintenance units can also promote more professional maintenance personnel by providing in-depth training of talents.

Complete equipment maintenance procedures

In the daily operation of transformer, for equipment maintenance and repair work should be programmed management, perfect and reasonable written record system, succession system, to strengthen and consolidate the equipment maintenance standard. For transformer at the time of maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, inspection, and cannot be carried out by the same man is responsible, so you need to fully consider the equipment running time, model and quantity, etc., reasonable allocation of human resources, assign different people in different time period for maintenance and inspection, can effectively avoid the paralysis of the psychology, the emergence of negative emotions, to promote the quality and efficiency of equipment operation. In various positions in succession, should put the fault handling progress, business operation, the equipment running status documented and handover the circumstance such as the use of the form of text, can promote the overall integrity of the work and the effectiveness of the follow-up work, promote the normal operation of the equipment.

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