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What is the common way of regulating transformer pressure?
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The transformer plays an important role in all aspects of adjustment and operation. Due to its role in the adjustment of current and voltage is relatively large, and it itself is also a kind of electrical appliances, itself is a current and voltage, so itself is constantly for voltage regulation. There are two ways to adjust the voltage of common transformers. What are the two forms? Here are two common forms.

Direct voltage regulation method: on the original winding of the transformer, the tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap switch. Moreover, we can realize the sideline voltage regulation by using lap-y switch between the original side and the three phases. Protein-y switching is a very economical way to adjust the pressure. Without changing the number of turns on the original side, the side voltage can be reduced to one /. Because there are 9 taps in each phase winding, combined with protein-y adaption, a total of 2 * 9, or 18-stage voltage, can be obtained.

Vacuum indirect voltage regulating method: indirect voltage regulating method with series transformer. Main transformer 1 is a three-winding transformer (see multi-winding transformer). 2 winding is tapped winding through the tap-changer and Ⅱ series transformer primary winding 4 series; 3 with series transformer winding Ⅱ vice winding 5 series, the electric load of power supply. Through series transformer tap-changer change Ⅱ primary side voltage, can make the output voltage of 3, 5 winding change. Connect 3, 5 winding on load, have 1 ~ 2 turn only commonly, make 8 figure coil by copper or aluminium plate commonly.

Transformer voltage regulation for performance improvement and improve has a more important role, should be done carefully grasp, so the adjustment of the transformer capacity and the ability to work double ascension could be carried out.

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