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What are the reasons and countermeasures for frequent vibration of transformers
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All sound body is the result of the vibration of transformer is no exception, the transformer is because vibration happened to produce voice, actually transformer noise is one of the more normal circumstances, it is not necessary to have a cow. So sometimes the transformer is real appeared larger stabilization, and is continuously for vibration, so we're going to analyse, because it is not a normal situation, we need to make a careful analysis of the reason, then solve it. The following are the reasons for the frequent vibration of transformers and the related steps for our reference:

1. During the normal operation of the transformer, the core vibration caused by magnetostriction, the core vibration caused by magnetic leakage at the joints of silicon steel plates and between laminations are the sources of normal vibration.

2. Magnetic core vibration caused by too few primary coils.

The magnetic core vibration caused by the uneven silicon steel sheet (or magnetic core) is 4.

4. Abnormal sound caused by uneven coil.

The corresponding solutions are as follows:

1. The normal vibration of the transformer can be ignored. Any type of transformer has slight vibration, which is within the standard range.

2. The vibration of magnetic core caused by too few primary coils, if the size or power of a transformer is determined. That initial cycle number has a normal range value, too little or too much is a bad thing.

3. Silicon steel sheet (or core) if the rugged, magnet serious leakage, completely beyond the standard range, we are in the production, try to check the material itself, and the cause of adverse on the post-production process.

Transformer is a relatively important setting, which plays a role in the balance of voltage and current, and will have greater and greater market potential in the future development!

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