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How to choose the "companion" of transformer -- transformer distributor
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Transformer operation needs the help of the distributor, so you may ask what is the distributor? Distributor is in need of more power to the transformer, if transformer engine low working efficiency, the distributor will help transformer engine for power transmission and transformer will not stop working because the battery is low, so don't cause unnecessary loss. However, there are different types of transformer distributor. Different types of transformer need to be selected. How should the specific transformer distributor be chosen?

When choosing a distribution transformer, because of the lack of scientific analysis and calculation, the "big horse-drawn cart" phenomenon exists generally, based on electricity number just to choose the transformer capacity, no scientific basis, not considering the capacity is too large, if you choose will appear the phenomenon of "big horse car", which not only can increase the one-time investment, and increase the no-load loss. If the selection capacity is too small, it will cause the transformer to run over load, increase the overload loss and eventually burn down the transformer.

Therefore, when selecting the power distribution transformer capacity, the power distribution transformer capacity should be selected according to the actual load and the development plan of rural power for 5-10 years, generally according to 45% ~ 70% of the transformer capacity. In addition, considering the power of the rural areas has its own characteristics, seasonal, strong timeliness and load fluctuation, the influence of conditional villages can adopt mother-child transformer or adjustable capacity transformer power supply, in order to meet the needs of different seasons and different time.

In the transformation of agricultural network in our province, most of the transformers are installed on double-pole columns (the capacity is less than 500kV???? A) and the spacing between two shots to 2 m, transformer on the rod tilt is not more than 20 mm, the channel of distribution transformer test bench with two 2.4 m fixed on the two pole, bench not less than 2.5 m off the ground, tilted platform should not more than 1/100 of the high. 4 screws shall be used to tighten the bottom of the transformer and the platform frame. Meanwhile, the high and low pressure cylinder heads of the transformer shall be equipped with dust cover, and the transformer shall be hung with warning signs.

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