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The transformer oil temperature should be kept within a reasonable range
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The temperature of transformer oil has a certain degree. If the temperature exceeds this degree, some unnecessary damage will be caused to the transformer. Transformer oil temperature is usually to control within a reasonable value, if transformer oil temperature is too high, will directly affect the heating of transformer engine, which affect the transformer body fever, if not in time for heat dissipation, it is possible to lead to transformer explosion. See below for details.

The abnormal increase of transformer oil temperature may be caused by the fault of the over-load cooling device of transformer (or the fault temperature indicating device of the transformer at the end of the cooling device being fully input into the transformer). Detect transformer oil temperature rise, cope with the possible reasons above one by one check, make accurate judgment and timely handling: if the instrument transformer has overload operation, single-phase three-phase transformer group each thermometer indicating basic consistent (there may be a few degrees deviation), transformer and cooling device trouble-free signs, high oil temperature rise caused by overload, press overload processing. If the cooling device is not fully put into operation or there is a fault, it should be handled immediately and troubleshoot the fault.

If the fault cannot be eliminated immediately, the operating load of the transformer must be reduced and the corresponding value of cooling performance and load of the corresponding cooling device must be operated. If the distance temperature measuring device is a temperature warning signals, and the indicating temperature is very high, and the thermometer indicator is not high, transformer and no other failure phenomenon, may be a distance measuring temperature circuit fault alarm by mistake, this kind of failure should be excluded when appropriate. If a certain phase in the group of three-phase transformer oil temperature is high, significantly higher than in the past the same load, the phase and run under the condition of the same cooling oil temperature, and cooling device, thermometer are normal, the overheating may be caused by some fault of transformer internal, should notify immediately take professional sample chromatographic analysis, further troubleshooting. If chromatographic analysis indicates that the transformer internal fault exists, or transformer under the condition of the constant load and cooling conditions, the oil temperature rising, transformer should be stipulated in the field procedures will exit the operation.

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