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Treatment of excessive oil level of transformer and its solution
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The transformer works with transformer oil. The transformer oil is placed in the transformer box, just like the oil in the tank of a tricycle. Transformer oil in the position in the work and production of transformer is relatively high, transformer oil itself is transformer operation of raw materials, thus protect the transformer oil, transformer oil is transformer properly run a necessary condition. The position of transformer oil in the tank can also be measured, and there are strict limits on this standard, which cannot be too high or too low. However, there are many cases where the oil level of transformer oil is too high. What causes the high oil level of transformer oil? How to deal with such problems?

Reasons for high transformer oil level:

1. The change of transformer temperature can change the oil level. With the change of oil temperature, oil level also appears correspondingly -- the change of fixed range. However, under abnormal conditions, abnormal changes in oil level may also occur due to oil seepage, water seepage and other faults.

2. Secondly, the change of oil temperature is related to load condition, environment temperature and other conditions. When oil level change is inconsistent with these factors, it may be false oil level. Reasons for the false oil level: a. B. The explosion-proof pipe vent is blocked.

3. In addition, excessive oil level will cause oil spill.

Treatment and emergency measures:

1. If there is gas relay protection, the trip circuit shall be removed to prevent accidental trip.

2. The operator of the electrical equipment in the shift shall check the oil level indicator frequently, and if the oil level is too high, oil can be released appropriately;

3. When abnormal injection of oil is found in the oil pillow or explosion proof pipe, the power of the transformer should be cut off immediately to prevent the failure and expansion of the accident.

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