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What items should be inspected before the transformer leaves the factory
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The transformer should be checked before leaving the factory, so as to ensure that no unnecessary failure will occur when the transformer is applied. Therefore, not all transformer parts should be inspected, but to focus on the inspection. What parts do transformers check? The most important one is the iron core, which is the "heart" of the transformer. If the iron core is not checked and the transformer is put into the market, then people will not agree with the products of our transformer factory. Is there any other inspection items?

Transformer body without defect, clean appearance, no serious oil leakage and paint peeling phenomenon. The transformer insulation test shall be qualified, the oil level of each part of the test item without omission shall be normal, the opening and closing position of each valve shall be tested correctly, and the chromatographic analysis and insulation strength test shall be qualified. Transformer enclosure should be good grounding device, grounding resistance should be qualified each side tap-changer shall conform to the requirements of the power grid operation, on-load voltage regulating device, electric manual operation are normal, pointer instructions and actual location.

Wheeled solid foundation stability, should be reliable braking device protection measurement signal and the control circuit wiring is correct, all kinds of protection shall be the actual drive test, action should be correct, fixed value should conform to the requirements of the power grid operation, protect connector in running position cooling fan electricity commissioning is good, since the launch of the fan device fixed value should be correct, and do the actual transmission respirator should be the qualified desiccant, check should be no jam phenomenon the main transformer lead to ground and the distance between the line of qualified, by good contact wires should be tightened, and with a chameleon la transformer lightning protection should comply with the code requirements.

There is no oil in the explosion-proof pipe, the glass should be complete, and the screw position of the breathing hole should be correct. Phase and slope should be qualified to check transformer connection group should be able to meet the requirements of power grid operation, transformer side may have two or three times and run in parallel with other power supply, should undertake nuclear work, phase paint should be correctly and clearly marked thermometer and temperature measuring circuit of complete well. The small valve of casing oil seal and gas vent valve should be free from blockage, and there should be no residue on the transformer.

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