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How to deal with the common minor faults of the transformer
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Some failures may occur when the transformer runs for a long time, but some common minor failures can be solved by ourselves. So what are the minor failures of the transformer? What are the causes of these minor failures? Please see the following introduction.

Transformer and its auxiliary equipment in the long run will be in the process of electrical, thermal, mechanical, chemical, environment and so on many factors, the influence of health gradually becomes poor, when his health drops to a certain extent, will affect the safe running of the transformer. Transformer fault can be divided into internal faults and external faults, internal fault refers to the body internal insulation or transformer fault, external fault is refers to the transformer auxiliary equipment failure.

The fault degree is light and heavy. When the fault is light, although the transformer can continue to operate, measures must be taken to monitor the development and change of the fault. When the fault is serious, the operation of transformer must be stopped immediately to prevent the fault from expanding. Accurate, in transformer failure, need to deal with properly, both to prevent failure, and not to stop the operation of the transformer, hastily this requires operators to improve the ability of fault, accumulation of operating experience, the transformer fault correctly judge and handle in time.

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